As a Message: Usually the Page of Cups signifies a message of family matters or a matter of the heart. It might be an artistic message, a story or poem, or a message confessing deep feelings.

page of cups person

As Time and Environment: This is a time of fresh emotions, feeling them purely and wondering at them. Romance is at the stage of puppy love and crushes. As a Child or "Child-like" Person: This is the daydreamer, head in the clouds, rarely paying attention.

Which makes it difficult to get them to focus on homework or chores. The Page of Cups has got a great imagination, an artistic bent, and a love of story-telling which is both wonderful, but problematic, as they may let their imaginations run away with them. They will believe that there are elves in the garden and monsters under the bed. Adult-wise, they may not be taken serious as they're viewed as too "airy-fairy. Very kind and sweet, they'll bring you fresh picked flower, make you a card, write you a song; they'll try to rescue sick birds or abandoned kittens, and take very seriously the death of a goldfish.

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When sad, they're the saddest kid you ever saw. When happy, they're positively blissful. Warn the querent, however, that being "immature" this person will be overly sensitive. One has to be clear with them or they will misunderstand, but one also has to be prepared for very emotional reactions. Learn the Ten of Cups meaning in reversal in our reversed card meanings.

All rights reserved. Contact us.She is surprised by a fish that pops out of the cup, as if to greet her from a fairytale. Learn the basics of the ancient esoteric tradition of tarot by starting your initiation ritual!

Friday Card: Page of Cups

Our app teaches you with simple, easy to use exercises while exploring our academy. Sign up to get the link! It symbolizes persistence as this is the only way that you can make your dreams come true. The Page of Cups indicates that it is alright to have a new beginning - to welcome the real you. The person represented by the Page of Cups tarot love meaning is someone who is intuitive, creative and emotional. They can often have an innocent and naive quality, regardless of their actual age.

Everything about romance and potential partners can feel delightfully novel to you. The page of cups is an imaginative, sensitive and creative person, and in a career reading, they can often signal a focus on creative fields like art, fashion, poetry and music, or any field in which they can use their innate talent to create something. The page of cups can often have trouble putting their feelings into words, and thus, their creative outlets tend to be places where they can express themselves.

They often have their head in the clouds however, so ensure that you are not simply daydreaming about your work goals, and are actually putting effort and taking action to make them become real. Follow your dreams, but make sure that they are well grounded in reality first. When it comes to finances, the page of cups can suggest daydreaming, and perhaps financial goals that are unrealistic.

It may be better for your long term future to focus on things that are achievable, and completing goals one at a time instead of hoping for the lottery, or another risky investment to bring you what you desire. One Page of Cups reversal meaning is that you are undergoing a block in your creativity.

There are things or projects that you find interesting, but you seem to do them for other reasons than for the joy of it. You may be doing them for money, for fame, or something else. A reversed Page of Cups could indicate that you should remember the joy that your projects brought you in the first place to reclaim your imaginative spirit.

Another Page of Cups reversal meaning is that it can symbolize a troubled person.The Page of Cups is a card that belongs to the third suit Cups of the fifty-six cards called Minor Arcana in a traditional seventy-eight tarot card deck. Used for both playing and divination, its suit element is water and court element is earth. A young man wearing a floral-printed blue tunic tied with a belt and an eccentric beret to which a long, flowing scarf is attached.

Standing along the seashore with a golden cup in his right hand and his left hand resting on the belt, he seems to be raising a toast.

A tiny fish appears out of the cup, speaking to him apparently. Meaning of Page of Cups in the Tarot Card As the Page in a tarot suit is a symbol of a new beginning, the Page of Cups represents youthful emotions, renewal, and creative energy. His blue tunic signifies an act of empathy while the flowery designs stand for royalty.

page of cups person

The fish popping out of the cup is a sign of inspiration that one gets unexpectedly. The Page of Cups as a Person Significator He is a young man with a sensitive and kind nature who acts innocent and loves to get lost in imagination. A highly creative person, he may come in your life as a messenger of love, harmony, and intuition.

As Feelings The Page of Cups represents shy and romantic feelings as it deals with love fantasies. Also, cultivate a habit of forgiving others, doing some charity work, and renewing relationships. The Page of Cups Meaning: Upright Keywords: Artistic, passionate, coy, affectionate, optimistic Interpretation: It means that there are new adventures and beginnings in store for you as there would be a turn of many events in your life.

Two of Cups

It is an ideal time to trust your intuition since the card indicates positive news. In Love Reading Keywords: Romance, love, strong bonding Interpretation: If you are seeking new lovethe card suggests you express your feelings to that special someone rather than staying in the world of fantasies. In an ongoing relationshipyou and your partner will be more into sweet talks, romantic outings, and cute surprises. Your current work condition could give you some dissatisfaction.

So, consider a change in your occupation to pursue your goals. Business and Finance: According to the card, your monetary status will rise. Health: If you have been worrying about your medical test reports, relax as everything will come out normal. At the same time, try to stay healthy eating good food and doing exercises. The Page of Cups Meaning: Reversed Keywords: Irresponsible, manipulative, emotional breakdown Interpretation: In the upside-down position, it means that you are feeling stuck while displaying your creative skills.

You are finding it difficult to give ideas and suggestions as before due to lack of confidence.

Court Cards - Page of Cups

In Love Reading Keywords: Heartbreak, vulnerability, insincerity Interpretation: There could be some trouble in the paradise as you are finding it hard to come to terms with the reality and causing your partner to go through mental agony. It could be that you have become a bit complacent about your work, failing to put any extra efforts.

page of cups person

Business and Finance: Any careless spending or risky investments prevent you from saving money for a rainy day. Health: The card predicts an erratic lifestyle comprising of excessive eating and drinking. Watch out before it starts to take a toll on your health.

The Page of Cups in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread Past: As you have been inculcated with good moral values from the start, your polite behavior is loved by all.

Also, you know to be passionate and adventurous without falling into trouble. Present: You might be romantically inclined to someone but reluctant to accept. It is high time you communicate your feelings as the longer you deny the more frustrated you will become.

Future: You might get more impatient if things do not happen as per your desire.Pages are the explorers of their suit, the askers of awkward questions and the tarot messengers. The Page of Cups is the explorer of emotions. He asks you to delve down deep and fish out your true feelings. If you can humor him and hold up your emotions to the light, you might find that many of them are based on fear and untruth. The Page of Cups is a young man standing on a platform with a swelling ocean behind him.

It is quite possible, like many of the Rider-Waite cards, he is actually on a stage performing for us, showing us with a story or a metaphor how he can help us. The Page is dressed in a blue flower-embroidered tunic. His shirt and leggings are pink, suggesting that he could be a girl or a boy. His large blue hat has a flowing scarf attached to it. His left hand rests on his waist, and his right hand holds up a large golden chalice.

He is gazing at a fish that is staring out at him from the cup. The Page of Cups is a young person — either a child, a teen or an adult with a childlike outlook.

He is gentle-natured, easygoing and likely to be interested in the creative arts. He may be an artist, a poet, a songwriter or an actor. He has a well-developed intuition and a sense of playfulness. He is a daydreamer; quiet and occasionally moody. He can spend hours reading or playing games, lost in his world. This Page forces us to examine why we feel the way we do. Sometimes when he appears in a reading, it may indicate that a message will arrive for you.

This message is often connected with family or friends. He may represent the seeker or someone close.Astrological Correspondence: Venus in Cancer. A man and a woman are holding open cups while the man reaches out the the woman.

They are both intently gazing in each others eyes. The woman wears a laurel wreath in her hair, while the man wears red roses. Their love is victorious. In between them is the caduceus with a winged head of a lion above it.

The caduceus is an ancient symbol that is used in our modern age to promote health. To the Ancient Greeks, the two snakes spiraling together represented commerce and an exchange. Another avenue of thought is that the two snakes intertwining represents kundalini energy, which has a masculine and feminine part.

When these two parts are combined together we have a whole piece, which, in the Two of Cups, would represent the couple. The lion is a symbol of strength and sexual passion. In alchemy the red lion represents sulphur.

Elementally and alchemically, sulphur is a combination of air and water, so that we have the masculine conscious mind and the subconscious feminine mind coming together as One. Sulphur represents the One Will brought under control by the Higher Self. It is the soul. Alchemically this lion is very important. There are three lions. The green lion is the naive lion of mass consciousness, not aware of it's true nature. The Red Lion is the lion who becomes aware of the magical world that is dominant in him or herself and the entire world.

The Old Lion is the master sage who understands that everything is really One thing. Here, in the Two of Cups we have the Red Lion, spirally up through the force of kundalini.

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The two people in the picture brought it out together. They work in harmony with each other to obtain a higher goal. Why work in opposition, when you can come together and form a better unit? In the distance we see green rolling pastures with a tiny quaint house.

Our home is where our heart is, but the distance between the couple and the house suggests that this relationship is in the early stages. The association between Venus in Cancer is probably one of the more easier correlations. Someone who has their Venus in Cancer bonds quickly and for life.

They want to find the right person and settle down. Venus in Cancer is very romantic, attentive and sensitive. But like the Chariot, which rules over Cancer, they can be protective of their heart and take their time in getting to know their partner.

So take your time in getting to know your new love interest. Observe, watch and be mindful of seeing through appearances. Taurus rules over the planet Venus. Cancerians find great comfort in the stability that Taurus provides. Venus is also the planet that is ruled by the Empress.In a general context, the Page of Cups is a bringer of messages.

This can be in the form of happy news, important information, invitations to social events, gossip or the potential for romantic proposals. It may be a sign that you need to connect to your inner child by embracing the fun and frivolous side of life.

It can also represent beauty, fashion, glamour or style so you may be trying out a new personal style or having fun with fashion when this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot spread. The Page of Cups can also signify that you are beginning to gain a level of emotional maturity that allows you to be kind, compassionate, helpful, affectionate and loyal.

They may be a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Page of Cups is a good omen as it can represent the possibility of romantic proposals, engagements, pregnancies, marriages or births.

It can also suggest that you need to be more romantic and be willing to be a follow your heart. If you are single, it can indicate that a romantic admirer is interested in you! The Page of Cups can also indicate a relationship with a younger person. If you have a secret crush on someone special, it can signify that you need to let them know you are interested.

If you want to turn your crush into something more, you need to take a chance! In a career context, if you have been waiting on word about a promotion or job application the Page of Cups is a good omen indicating happy news. The Page of Cups can also represent being a dreamer rather than a doer. If you are spending your time wishing for a better career instead of working hard to get the career you want, you need to stop dreaming and make things happen. It can also indicate that you may be drawn to a career in the arts or fashion industry as it is a card of poetry, art and fashion.

In a financial context, the Page of Cups can indicate good financial news. It does carry a warning to put the work in with regards to financial planning and investments.

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In a health reading, the Page of Cups is usually the bearer of positive news. This could be in the form of a test coming back with the result you want, or getting a diagnosis that will clarify things and allow you to take positive steps to improve your health or even receiving information about a treatment which will help you.

It can also indicate pregnancy. In a spiritual context, the Page of Cups is a great card to get as it can indicate emerging intuition or psychic abilities.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - Page Of Cups

You may find that spirit is sending you some very positive messages when this card appears. You should be very in tune with your inner voice. Pay attention to your dreams as they may contain psychic messages. In a general context, the Page of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can bring bad news. For instance, you could find you fall in love with someone who does not return your feelings or you may find that a social event you have been looking forward to is cancelled.

Whatever form this news takes it could possibly cause sadness, disappointment, heartbreak or sorrow. The reversed Page of Cups Tarot card can indicate descent into emotional instability taking the form of obsession, envy or vindictiveness.

The Page of Cups reversed can also represent shattered innocence, emotional wounds and broken dreams. It can represent emotional vulnerability, promiscuity or seduction and it can also be an indicator of sexual abuse.

Alternatively, it may simply indicate that you have lost touch with your inner child or that some unresolved childhood issues are resurfacing.

If representing a person, The Page of Cups reversed can indicate a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who is overly obsessed with superficial body image while ignoring their inner emotions or someone who engages in attention seeking behaviour or is a bit of a drama queen.An uplifting, encouraging and overall positive card to find in a spread, it may also indicate that a great romance is waiting for you right around the corner… likely with someone who is quite a few years your junior.

When making decisions at this time, you more than ever need to trust your instincts and follow your heart. The fish represents the subconscious mind or spirit, while the blue hat the man wears symbolizes his calm yet curious, almost childlike nature. The red fabric of his clothing is a metaphor for passion, while the floral print symbolizes an artistic, highly creative personality. This is someone who is highly intuitive and sensitive to the entire world and various dimensions around him.

They have a loving, gentle and warm personality and a strong desire to be around kindred spirits, who help them to feel needed and special. In a general context, all the Pages of the tarot are messengers, and the message coming from the Page of Cups is all about love, respect, intuition, and creativity.

page of cups person

The Page of Cups is a good omen in a love reading as it portends something major is in the works, be that a marriage proposal, a pregnancy, birth, or the announcement of an engagement.

This individual will be hugely attractive to you sexually, and will probably be much younger as well. Grab the bull by its horns and be proactive.

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Is your career taking you where you want to go? Step back and take a good hard look at your career path and decide what, if anything, could stand to benefit. Financially, this is a nice card to find in a spread as it usually indicates good news for your wallet.

Just remember to approach any such opportunities with great caution. More so than ever, you need to listen to your body. In reverse, the Page of Cups indicates a lack of motivation. Because of this attitude you are missing out on potentially exciting events and opportunities that would get you out of your rut. Keep your mind and heart open to new people and concepts as they are potentially life-changing.

In other words, when in doubt just say yes. In a love reading, the Page of Cups reversed suggests you have become overly sensitive and needlessly insecure about your relationship. This has grown out of hand and is proving detrimental to your partnership. You need to curb this unreasonable and uncalled for behavior fast, before you destroy an otherwise a healthy relationship.

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The Page of Cups reversed can bring distressing financial news. You need to be very frugal with your financial resources at this time, and stay away from any careless spending or risky investments. This could prove to be highly detrimental to your well-being. You need to take a more mature approach to your health now.

The Page of Cups is telling you that your health issues are probably nowhere near as big a deal as you think they might be. In the past position, the Page of Cups suggests that an old idea that you put aside years ago could be developed into something particularly useful to you now.

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